Robots in Human form


Imagine you walk into a store, after finding your items you go to the cashier, instead of the cashier being a human it is a Robot. What would your expression be? Some people find this very exciting and want robots to start to takeover in some jobs. In the War we have robots/drones working as soldiers so we don’t have to risk as many lives. Yes robots sound cool and might be a good idea but if you think about it robots cant always get 100% right answers, if they have a malfunction then they could kill or possibly hurt then mentally and physically. So, are robots the best idea? That’s up to you.


As it is my last year at Holy Cross I look back on the new things I learned this year, and all my favorite memories. The most important thing I had learned this year would have to be math, there are many new equations I have learned and the new ways to solve an equation has helped immensely. Though I didn’t understand some things and failed some important tests, I have learned to work through it.  I have also learned more on who I can and can’t trust. I also learned that I do not wish to go to public school for high school. Going to a public school for two years after leaving a private school for seven years has made me see the difference. Public School you can’t trust everyone, most of them just want to hang out with u because you have something they want. People dress like they want people to worship them because of what they wear, and if you don’t dress like them you’re not “cool” enough to be their friends. No offences toward them or anything but some of them want to be worshiped and followed, but in real life true friends are there for you no matter you dress or how you look. At a Private School you are forced to wear uniforms (most of them make you do this, not all) and its plane stupid, you should be allowed to wear what you want but have restrictions and rules on what you wear.

My memories aren’t sad, or happy, or anything, they are just friendship. I know I just came to this class this year but I have made new friends, new memories, and many, many jokes. My favorite memory was when my friends, Mackenzie, Domo, and I went to the mall one time, when we were looking for an outfit to wear we found these stick on mustaches. I bought them and we picked one out and walked home wearing them. When we were 1/3 of the way home we were watching people in their cars and saw a kid from our class’ mom, drive by honk and wave. We then realized the kid from our class was in the front seat and saw us too! We also realized that he and his mom probably saw the mustaches and we got so embarrassed. Another one was when I was with my friend Domo again; we were at the baseball fields and wanted to see if this guy we know still had a game going on, so we were walking over there. Domo and I were freezing cold so she dared me to fun down the street and scream; “Like a Boss!!!” so I did. Another time with Domo we did the same thing but instead of waiting for me she ditched me with one of our friends. The school year of 2011/2012 has gone by so quickly I wish it would have gone slower but I am happy I came back for it. 

As it is my las…

Fashion Dress Codes


Fashion Dress Codes

Why are dress codes at parties so demanding? Most people have dress codes that are so demanding and expensive if you don’t already own those clothes. Some demanding dress codes are; Black and white tie, Lounge suit and cocktail dress, Smart casual, Party and weddings, Business and business casual. It doesn’t look so demanding but really when it comes to the time of the party it is harder to find the perfect outfit. Yes, people worry about these things they are important and   trust me everyone freaks out the day before the party about what there going to wear.

If you are throwing a party or celebration you do want people to match your theme, so make rules on what they should wear, like Casual, don’t wear tank tops, wear sleeved tops. Make it so your happy with the theme and easy on everyone coming to the gathering. If you want people to be happy and ready for the party and don’t want them to have to spend so much money give them a list of stores wear they don’t have to spend so much money on an outfit they might only wear once. Yes, I understand you want people to be matching and you think they will look nice but trust me it doesn’t look to good. if you want people to match give them a color to wear, and style. Everyone is shaped differently and if you have everyone wearing long dresses then shorter people have to go out of their way to buy heels.

So therefore, let people have some flexibility on choice don’t make people wear the same thing it doesn’t work for everyone’s  personality, style, and money.

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